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About my research 


Please enjoy exploring some of the data I produced during my DMA research on the experience of pregnancy for classical singers. I thought I’d share a bit of where it came from here.


I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Toronto in voice performance in early 2017. My research consisted of two parts: an in-depth survey (for which I garnered 444 participants) and interviews with classical singers during various stages of their pregnancies. Though my focus has been on classical singers, so much of what I found is relevant to any singer of any style, so please don’t count yourself out if you sing jazz, folk, in choirs, or even in the shower. 


Once my degree was complete, (and after collapsing, living in yoga pants, drinking kombucha and bingeing on Netflix), I decided to make the data I had found and the stories I had heard easily accessed by building this website. While I work to share parts of my dissertation in easily digestible pieces here, the full paper is always available on proquest at (Web address). However, though my DMA is finished, my work is not complete! I’m too curious about others aspects of this subject and there is just so much more to find out and share. This website will serve as a platform to continue my investigations beyond the degree, by creating new surveys, conducting more interviews, and asking more questions. 


Having spent a few years digging around for other studies, research, articles and stories, I also have a wide variety of other resources which I link to in the resource section of my website. If you find something online that you feel I should link to, please send an email to Though I will continue to update and search for relevant articles, I want the links to represent what’s available and I’d hate to miss anything.


I believe this subject is important. Women have a lot of knowledge that has yet to be shared. If we can pool our resources, share our stories and support each other, we can all benefit. Many performers still hide their pregnancies for fear of losing work. New moms are discounted for roles or agencies due to unspoken worries about their consistency or ability to juggle motherhood with performing. Yet, my research shows that most women feel that the experience of pregnancy and motherhood has improved their performances!  Let’s get these gremlins out from under a rock by speaking the truth, sharing our experiences, furthering research and dispelling myths. If you want to get involved in my research, participate in my newest survey, or if you have a story to tell, please contact me at



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