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Survey Respondents Share their Thoughts on Pregnancy and Singing

"There is a very powerful feeling sitting in a rehearsal with 40 other voices, singing difficult, beautiful music, and knowing that the baby growing in your body is hearing and physically experiencing it along with you. I loved singing, rehearsing and performing during pregnancy mostly for that reason. What an amazing experience to give your unborn child! Both of my girls love classical music, choral music, and listening to me rehearse, and I'm sure singing while I was pregnant has a lot to do with that."


"Being a mother is the most strenuous, difficult thing any woman can do. I wish there was more support, more encouragement for mothers in general. Dealing with lack of sleep, tremendous stress, high emotions, sometimes depression, body changes, leaky breasts, sore stretched body, extra weight, AND being negatively labeled, looked down on, and not taken seriously is too much. A mother can bring emotions to her singing and stories on stage that no other singer can. She should be respected and supported."

"Being pregnant has been the best thing for my heart, voice, ambition, and priorities. I am so grateful for what it has done for me, and my singing career...and personal life. It truly is a miracle!" 

"For all the heightened emotion and worry of pregnancy, I have been given a gift of calm that is pretty incredible. I am plagued with concerns, new challenges, and dozens of daily tasks like any new mom, but I am learning to draw from this calm that deep down, I know what to do, and it will be all right. Pregnancy has taught me to be aware of all that I am, all that I trained to be, and that I actually can do more than I ever thought possible." 

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