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Please participate in Singing for Two's newest survey - The Experience of Motherhood for the Classical Singer 

Dear Singing for Two Community,


As you know, I spent my doctoral research investigating how pregnancy impacts the classical singer and so many of you shared your amazing stories with me. Many of you also noted that pregnancy was just the beginning of a huge shift in your experience as a classical singer.


One survey respondent wrote:


“Becoming pregnant did not impact my singing. Becoming a mother afterwards changed everything.”


With this in mind, I am asking classical singers who identify as mothers to share their experiences with me. My survey titled, “Singing for Two 2.0: The Experience of Motherhood for the Classical Singer” will ask questions about how motherhood has impacted your performing careers, your sense of self identity and your voices. Please share this survey widely in order to help to illuminate this shared experience which is so often under-discussed and under-valued.


Thank you for your willingness to share your story! Please click the link below to participate.

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